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The Secret Society of Supply Chain

 At The Secret Society of Supply Chain, we are firm believers in taking action and cutting through the noise to achieve your goals.

With three distinct communities, we offer unique opportunities for everyone to connect and grow with like-minded professionals. 

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The Supply Chainers is for those who value staying ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.

As a member, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, from data management and sales strategies to sustainability and DEI. Enjoy exclusive discounts, giveaways, and a private online community.

But it's not just education; it's about building a supportive network for your growth in the supply chain industry!

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Calling all women in supply chain!

Looking for support, growth, & connection?

Women in Supply Chain™ isn't just another group; we're a catalyst for change. Led by experienced facilitators, we provide a safe, empowering space where you can:

- Break barriers

- Connect with industry peers

- Cultivate growth

- Give & receive support

Join today and be part of a thriving community that's rewriting the narrative for women in the supply chain industry.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career, expand your horizons, and achieve the success you've always dreamed of.

Be inspired, challenged, & supported.

Your path to marketing success.

Whether you seek feedback, crave marketing transformation, desire expert guidance, or simply need a supportive network, you'll find it all here.

The Creative Room isn't just a community; it's a place where ideas flourish, connections blossom, and marketing triumphs are celebrated.

Seize this exclusive opportunity to enhance your marketing skills and expand your community!

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The Supply Chainers

Annual Investment:


  • Checkmark Private online community
  • Checkmark Instant access upon purchase
  • Checkmark Exclusive content from supply chain pros
  • Checkmark Continuous learning: content is fully updated every 6 months
  • Checkmark Learn at your own pace!
  • Checkmark Unlimited networking opportunities
  • Checkmark Private chat feature
  • Checkmark Exclusive discounts to programs, courses, & more!

Women in Supply Chain

Annual Investment: USD$2,388


  • Checkmark Private WOMEN-ONLY online community
  • Checkmark Virtual monthly meetups
  • Checkmark Guided by professional facilitators
  • Checkmark Small cohorts to maintain intimacy
  • Checkmark Personal and professional growth
  • Checkmark Private chat feature
  • Checkmark FREE access to The Supply Chainers ($10,000 value!!)
  • Checkmark Exclusive invite to an annual retreat
  • Checkmark Women in Supply Chain t-shirt
  • Ask your organization to invest in YOU!

The Creative Room

Annual Investment: USD$3,588


  • Checkmark Mini focus groups: get in front of your ideal client
  • Checkmark Virtual monthly meetups, led by Sarah herself!!
  • Checkmark Private online community of passionate marketers
  • Checkmark BONUS calls with marketing experts
  • Checkmark Diverse, collaborative environment
  • FREE access to The Supply Chainers ($10,000 value!!)
  • Checkmark Supply chain swag item of your choice
  • Checkmark Exclusive invite to an annual retreat
  • Checkmark Professional development: Ask your organization to invest in YOU!

What people are saying.....

I am looking forward to facilitating small group discussions for the Women in Supply Chain cohort. There are so many reasons why these groups are valuable. . . Having a group of trusted individuals who are there monthly to hold you accountable and make sure you are moving forward on your goals is beneficial to our success. The second reason why I love these groups is the learning. I firmly believe that the best learning happens across the fence. . . A junior person has so much to learn from a more senior woman in supply chain but also that senior woman benefits from the exposure to new ideas, and new perspectives, that help to drive innovation in their companies. . . I can’t wait to get started and meet the first cohort!

It's kind of like a support system to people in the logistics and supply chain community. . . just to have that in my pocket, you know, as a support system and that I can communicate with others that have year and years of experience in the industry is just awesome. . . [The content] delves into more aspects of real-life situations. I was so amazed by all of the modules and everything . . . I love being part of The Supply Chainers group!

Having a trusted group of peers in the supply chain industry can be so important for so many reasons. . . having a group of people with diverse backgrounds and diverse experiences to go to and to ask questions of and to help you navigate things that you haven't done before can be so incredible valuable. You know, you don't always want to go to your manager or coworkers and tell them what you don't know.

"While my participation in Chief provided a solid foundation, the Women in Supply Chain (WiSC) experience has been truly transformative. The first cohort, in particular, fostered an unparalleled sense of community and professional support. The group brought together a diverse range of women from across the supply chain spectrum, all facing common challenges yet possessing unique perspectives. Within this safe space, we could openly share experiences, develop effective strategies, and celebrate one another's successes. WiSC has equipped me with the tools, confidence, and invaluable network of accomplished women I need to excel in this dynamic industry."

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We're giving away TEN PAIRS of custom Nike AF1s!

The first 100 people to invest in an annual plan of The Supply Chainers will have a chance to win!